First of all, a HUGE


to everyone who came to celebrate with me at the reception yesterday and to everyone who supported me and cheered me on during the last 5 weeks! I was exhausted and stretched to my max but having you all there, experiencing your support and appreciation of my work in person was uplifting and energizing. Thank you!

I can honestly say painting 125 paintings that I felt good about in 25 days was the hardest thing I’ve done in my life. I hope you’ll stay tuned for a wrap-up post about what I learned from this experience.

Also, I have some ideas cookin’ that will be rolled out over the next month so I hope to continue to keep you inspired, entertained and amused on the Fraidy Cat Studio blog.

Thank you again for showing up for me during my journey and yesterday! While I’m still nursing a painting-hangover, I’m excited for more inspired projects and events to come.



The Completed Challenge

Ruth Yuhas 5x5x5=125 Challenge: Mission Accomplished




  1. you inspire me! truly amazing what you accomplished ruth!
    thank you for including me!

  2. Awesome accomplishment Ruth!

  3. Yahoo!!! You did it. For your followers that are not artists, they may not realize what a huge, almost impossible feat this is! Just the physical painting & then have Ruth’s sponsors LOVE their day of paintings! More than three people were disappointed that we would not sale them our
    We will treasure our part in this special challenge of an amazing artist!
    George & Ruth Gooch

  4. Yahoo!!! You did it! Your followers that are not artists, may not realize what a huge, difficult challenge painting five paintings a day is. This is almost an impossible mental & physical feat for an artist to accomplish.

    Everyone truly loved their own days paintings! No one wanted to trade. However, three people wanted to buy our day!
    We will treasure our small part in this unique challenge of an amazing artist.
    George & Ruth Gooch

  5. Beautiful body of work! What an accomplishment! And what will you do for an encore?


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