What was I thinkin’?!

What was I thinkin’?!

Yup, I’ve said it before, but now, with one day before lift-off, the nerves are really trying to get the better of me.

Who am I kidding? They’ve been working a number on me all week.

So here, in an attempt to remind myself WHY I’m taking on 125 paintings in 25 days, I present the reasons I’m going to fling myself out of the nest of safety, comfort, and familiarity and into the abyss of painting madness:

  1. For starters, I want to build a better habit of creating my art more consistently.  Fact is, each day I paint consecutively builds on the last painting experience and this can only lead to faster improvement. Faster is better, right?
  2. Painting consistently also helps to keep those creative juices flowing, so I want to see how that shows up in my art and how it might impact other areas of my life.
  3. Painting five paintings in the same day with the same theme (working in a series) will help further develop my skills as an artist. With that kind of volume, how can it not?!
  4. Painting in a series (5 paintings in one theme) provides the collector with a cohesive body of work. At 6″x6″, the paintings are small, but when framed and/or displayed together, they encompass a larger area of wall space and look fantastic over a couch (above image), over a bed, in a wet bar, hung vertically, horizontally, or even in a square on any wall (in which case you’ll have an extra one to hang somewhere else or give as a gift = BONUS!)
  5. Buying original art (from any artist) is a fun thing to do and adds more value to one’s decor than buying a print, so I want to help people start or add to their art collection in an affordable way.

Yeah, those are pretty good reasons to forge ahead. 😉 And if you have any other thoughts on why this is a good idea, I’d love to see them in the comments below.

Thank you to those who have sponsored a day of my challenge! There are still some days left. Click HERE for the “how-to” if you’d like to add to or start your collection or just support my work.

As nervous as I am about what the next month will bring, I can’t wait to start on Monday and I’m looking forward to painting and sharing with you!

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  1. Happy Day One!!


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