Day 8

Day 8 was also chosen as the WILDCARD theme, aka I-get-to-do-what-I-want-day.  This sponsor wanted BOLD COLORS so that’s what Day 8 was about. I love bold colors too, so thank you! It was a fun day!

Now… do I share the rest of today’s paintings with you, or do I save them as a surprise for you to see at the Fraidy Cat Studio Post-Challenge Reception on Sunday, November 2nd from 1-3 pm, where there will be food and wine and a wall of all 125 paintings from the challenge and where anyone who has sponsored a day can pick up their paintings and trade with other sponsors or unsold works from this challenge?







I’m too nice…. Here ya go!





Hee Hee.



These paintings are sold. If you are interested in works like these or you’d like to sponsor a day of my challenge and pick your own theme, click HERE or let me know using the contact form below.





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