DAY 20

IT’S HAPPY HOUR… with a TWIST and a TURN!  

So I was painting along this morning… first some red wine, then a little white, a quick shot and then I started feeling a little tipsy. “Hmmm,” I thought to myself, “I’m really starting to feel these drinks.”

And then the grim realization hit: OH NO, IT’S VERTIGO!

Couldn’t let a little vertigo interrupt the challenge, so if the paintings appear to be leaning slightly, they probably are.



Day 20-2

Day 20-5

Day 20-3
Day 20-1





I hope you have a GREAT weekend!  (one week to go and then we get to party!)


These paintings are available. If you’d like to own them, contact me using the form below.

Thank you!


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  1. I think they are perfect! But if anyone thinks they off kilter that can be solved by have a drink or two and then admired them


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