DAY 23

At the start of this challenge, I had no idea which theme would be the most popular.

This morning I began painting what started out as unsold paintings. I thought I would paint one of each theme so the sponsors would have more choices to trade with if that’s what they chose to do at the reception this Sunday.  So I started with a flower painting and just when I was about to finish it, the phone rang.

“Ruth here.”

“Hi Ruth, I’m a friend of your friend M. I saw the remarkable paintings you’ve done on your blog.” (Oh cool, someone’s looking at my blog!) “I’m hoping you have a day left that I could sponsor.”

I looked down at my almost finished painting on the table. “Any chance you want a flower painting in your mix?” I asked.

“Oh yes! In fact, I was hoping for a day of Flower Power.”

“I think I can do that.”

Timing is everything.  And it turns out FLOWER POWER is the most popular theme.  😉


Day 23-5

Today’s paintings are sold. If you would like to own paintings like these, please contact me using the form below.

Thank you!


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